We offer delicious coffee and tasty dishes


What kind of coffee do we work with?

With over 220,000 coffee farms producing both Arabica and Robusta coffee variants, Brazil has made itself a key player in the coffee industry.Brazilian coffee is a rich blend made up of four different coffee beans. Each of these beans has its own distinct taste and, combined together, produces a rich, smooth, creamy blend that is Brazilian coffee.

Brazilian coffee facts:

  • Altitude: about 2,000 feet to 4,000 feet
  • Harvest: May-September
  • Annual coffee production: about 61.62 million bags

Which variety do we prefer?

The beans that make up the Brazilian coffee are Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Obata, and Icatu.


The last coffee bean that makes up the delightful Brazilian coffee flavor is the Icatu bean. This coffee bean is a cross between the Robusta and Bourbon Vermelho variants. It features distinct maple syrup, malt, and cocoa flavors.



Grace Cunningham

I’m really impressed. These people know what they are doing. Quality food, great coffee, awesome atmosphere. This place kept giving when we walked in. You can tell the food is homemade and everything is made with quality ingredients. The staff was so friendly, amazing customer service, and made the experience even better. Very hardworking, our food was served within 8mins of sitting down, despite the amount of customers they had. If you're in the area, I highly recommend this place. Absolutely terrific.

Jade Gonzalez

I love this place! Immediately upon entering you are greeted warmly by the baristas and staff. I ordered a Caramel latte expecting it to taste mediocre but to my pleasant surprise it was phenomenal. Not to mention they were also super fast in making the drink. I highly recommend this place if you’re passing through or if you’re a local.

Tom Dudley

Been going here for years, I recently moved back and they expanded and added more food. Highly recommend it, I have had some of the crepes and the coffee is always on the money.

Emily Hromada

We were really pleased with our stop into Gantlycoffee! Really great atmosphere and nice staff. The espresso was delicious!! I got a dirty chai latte with oat milk and it was the perfect blend of espresso and chai! My partner got a cappuccino and really enjoyed it! Definitely highly recommended!

Lexie Gibbs

Absolutely love the vibe of this place. We stopped by while traveling through the area and ended up spending over an hour here. The staff was friendly and the drinks were delightful. We ended up getting coffee which was tasty and got a hot apple cider for the road which has since played roles in my dreams!

Patricia Alejandro

One of my all time favorite coffee shops. It has this timeless, community feel to it that is so rare. I felt at home having coffee here and enjoyed their live music to the fullest. I can't recommend them enough!